STK/Unit 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released


STK/Unit 1.0 Release Candidate 1 is out!

STK stands for SQL ToolKit. It’s a family of proects for MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server. STK/Unit is the first STK project that has been publicly release; more tools will come in the next future. The long-term purpose of STK is making SQL programming much easier and reliable on MariaDB and her sisters.

STK/Unit is a Unit Test framework for MariaDB, entirely written in SQL and inspired by SimpleTest and JUnit. Test Cases and Test Suites written by the user can set a test environment and check that all operations work as expected. The results can be retrieved as a human-readable string, in HTML format, or examined in the tables they are stored in. Both developers and database administrators can benefit from such tests.

Errors in applications can be originated by errors in databases. STK/Unit is designed to mainly test active structures: Stored Routines, Triggers, integrity constraints and Views. But also Tables must use the correct datatypes, column sizes and character sets to be able to contain data from the Real World. And DBMS updates, new plugins or even configuration changes can break the complex, delicate logics of a relational database. But a good set of tests can show any problem as soon as it raises!

STK/Unit is still under development and is expanding the list of supported platform; currently, the folloing are supported:

  • MariaDB 5.5 and 10.0 – work good
  • MariaDB 5.3, 5.2, 5.1 – with documented minor problems
  • MySQL 5.1 – using MyISAM place of Aria, with minor problems (undocumented)

Documentation and Downloads for STK/Unit and others STK tools to come, are avaible from here:

The public Mailing List can be found here:

The STK team encourage you to try STK/Unit in your databases, report any bugs you may find, ask for help in the list when needed, and let us know any comments. Your feedback is valuable for us!

The STK Team

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