STK/Unit To-Do

This is a list of features that should be in future releases. Please note that we can't promise that these features will be implemented in the planned version, or that they will be implemented at all. Also, features that are not listed here could be in future versions. The only way to be sure that a feature will be developed is funding it.

See also: STK/Unit ChangeLog.

What will be in 1.1

  • Restore a Test Run that timed out
  • Ability to temporary exlude a BT
  • Web Interface in PHP
  • A Test Suite will be able to call another Test Suite (or itself)
  • More assert_* Procedures

Already in trunk:

  • show_test_suites(), show_test_cases(), show_base_tests()
  • diagnostix Test Suite
  • More efficient results storing

What will be in 2.0

  • Parametrized Unit Testing
  • Ability to register event handlers in SQL (on_bt_run(), etc)
  • Send mail on fails/exceptions (requires UDF)

Data Cleansing

Expanding STK/Unit to do some basic Data Cleansing - not only for Cassandra - wouldn't be hard. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us to discuss details - Data Cleansing can be done in many ways.

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